1. Amendments
  2. Appeal(for Proposed Company Name)
  3. Registration

  1. Search Application Requirements (Documentary requirements per transaction type)
  2. Search Registered Company Names


To register a new company in CRS, here are the 5 main steps to accomplish

1. Login
Create an account using existing email address and use it to access and login.
2. Select Application Type
Choose “register a new company” among other application types.
3. Verify Name
Select the company and industry type to verify the proposed company name.
4. Add Company Details
Fill up the online application forms that will be displayed. Data entered in the form/s will be used to generate documents such as Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and other company registration documents. Download documents to upload them for the next step.
5. Upload Documents
Upload all required documents listed and shown in the system. Choose “submit” for processing, review, and approval of SEC.

1. Start step 4 AFTER completing Step 3 within four (4) calendar days otherwise the reserved name will expire.
2. Steps 4 and 5 should be accomplished within 30 calendar days otherwise all data encoded will be purged by the system.
3. Verified company name will again be available for use after 30 calendar days.